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Jeff Olson (Lama Lodro)

Jeff Olson is the resident meditation teacher for Crystal Mountain Dharma Centre in British Columbia, both in Vancouver and at their retreat property on Galiano Island. While ordained as Bikkhu Kiccañana he spent 5 years as the resident teacher at the Dharma Centre of Canada, a 400 acre retreat property in central Ontario. After a 3-year retreat in the Yukon he now spends winters up north and summers on the West Coast.

Lama Lodro has spent 14 years of his life in retreat, much of that in Asia, working with various meditation masters. This includes a long relationship under the tutelage of Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche. As well as being a classically trained meditation teacher Olson is a master-builder and artist. His interests are wide and varied, from building design and construction to yoga, healing herbs, metaphysics and gourmet vegetarian cooking.

He is particularly interested in developing methods that bridge east and west, so that classical Buddhist teachings can be incorporated into contemporary western lifestyles in meaningful and effective ways.

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